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Quad, the content marketing agency:     Blending creative, SEO, social and PR to build expert brands and market leaders.
Quad specialise in optimising webspaces, building profitable audiences and creating the digital platforms that achieve this for our clients.

Quad, the Content Marketing Agency. Blending creative, SEO, social and PR to build expert brands and market leaders. Quad specialise in optimising web spaces, building profitable audiences and creating the digital platforms that achieve this for our clients.

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Promotion and using influencers to build your audience. The ASA speaks.

A key aspect of the work we do at Quad is driving awareness of our clients’ content and brands. After all, we can publish the best content in the world on their websites and promote it on their social but that’s often seen by just a small section of the potential audience.

That’s where our digital communication and promotion arm comes into play. Quad’s team-within-a-team is dedicated to helping our stories reach as wide an audience as possible, so we can engage more people and bring them to our clients’ owned media. Think of them as a mad hybrid of media buyer, planner, PR person and promotional expert working on the myriad digital platforms that exist.

But that’s all marketing speak.

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Five questions that say yes to content marketing

I’ve been taking a good look at Eric Enge’s pieces on Search Engine Watch recently. They make it absolutely clear why content marketing is such a compelling proposition for brands and why older link building practices have become a genuine liability.

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam and the public face of its search quality team – the SEO police if you like – said this recently when asked by Enge what the best link building strategy was:

Make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience. As a result, your website starts to become stronger and stronger in the rankings.”

The same is true of all your online content.

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Latest Articles

Audience building for Books About Town

Image courtesy of the Books About Town website.

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you may have heard we’re working with Books About Town, a collaboration between the National Literacy Trust and Wild In Art to encourage reading for enjoyment. Based in London, the Books About Town…

SEO-Based approaches are marketing snake oil

Despite  warnings about the dangers of guest blogging with links, many companies are still interested in using this form of content marketing to boost SEO. It does make sense. It’s always been difficult to measure ROI on marketing. Just because…

Three marketing lessons from the Google Pokemon Challenge prank

Yesterday, April Fool’s Day, Google released a YouTube video announcing a competition to find Pokémon. Each person who sought out a hidden Pokémon in a real world location could become a Pokémon Master. Even though the augmented reality was part…

Measuring social media engagement

Last week, our CEO Ben Dickens wrote about engagement via web traffic, highlighting some of the basic principles of how to analyse user visits on websites. However, while most businesses grasp the importance of measuring on-site interaction and engagement, when…

Editor's Picks

The end of an era… Why I’m leaving Quad

Today is a big day… it’s the day I announce my retirement from day-to-day duties at Quad. I’ll be remaining involved in a non-executive role, but I’m selling the majority of my shares to my business partner and friend Ben…

Rise of the growth hacker

In my last post I referred to a survey that highlighted a skills gap in digital marketing. And while it was commissioned by a recruitment company (presumably in the hope of generating business) it also raised a big question that…

Three content marketing lessons from the 2014 Super Bowl ads

It says a lot about the power of content marketing that the adverts that run during the Super Bowl are just as popular, and sometimes more popular (especially in the UK) than the game itself. The stakes are high. Brands…

Mix it up: How to find the perfect integrated marketing strategy

No single billboard is going to be as successful as an integrated marketing plan. Simple. But, here’s the hard part: how do you decide what best possible mix of marketing approaches to integrate? In a study conducted last year by…


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