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Quad Digital is a content marketing agency. We blend creative, SEO, social and PR to build profitable audiences for brands.
Our content strategies drive engagement and nurture clients' customer relationships from prospect to sale, and on to return purchase.

Quad Digital is a content marketing agency. We blend creative, SEO, social and PR to build profitable audiences for brands. Our content strategies drive engagement and nurture clients' customer relationships from prospect to sale, and on to return purchase.

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Vacancy Junior Project Manager, we’re hiring.

We’re hiring.

We have a vacancy for a Junior Project Manager to work on two of our retained content projects. The role exists within the Client Services department reporting to the Senior Project Manager. The work will involve liaison with external writers and internal creatives, managing and maintaining a production schedule (editorial calendar), client liaison for approvals and publishing on web platforms. There is a key emphasis on editorial/organisational skills in this role.

Desired skills and experience:

• Editorial/project management
• Editorial or journalist background
• Higher English language qualifications, ideally degree level
• Team player
• Collaborative
• Some experience of web CMS such as wordpress
• Attention to detail and good time management skills
• Organisation skills

Contact us through the website if you’re interested in this role and you would like to see a more detailed job description.

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit resumes/CVs through this Web site or directly to managers. Quad Digital Ltd does not accept unsolicited headhunter and agency resumes. Quad Digital Ltd will not pay fees to any third-party agency or company that does not have a signed agreement with Quad Digital Ltd.

Can Native Ads Offer Newspapers a Lifeline?

Newspapers online-002Newspaper publishers have long struggled to come up with an answer to plunging advertising revenues that have threatened to kill off their industry. While it may not be a panacea, the emergence of native advertising in recent years has provided significant revenue streams, calming the nerves of executives and journalists anxious about the future. Read more…

Clickbait: Can brands and publishers learn from it?

Clickbait is taking over the world, and it’s not good news for media organisations. While respected news publications are still working out how to make profits online, social media sites are awash with clickbait, luring streams of traffic to their websites by piquing people’s curiosity, and making huge profits through advertising revenue. Read more…

Google to favour mobile responsive sites

Google 3

Ah, finally, Google is making the move we knew was coming! The search engine giant is shifting its focus onto mobile and responsive websites, pushing for better user experience on portable platforms. With mobile internet use on the rise, it makes sense; Google is moving with the times (or leading them).

The problem is, not all marketers have done the same. So when Google recently sent out a warning (via its Webmaster Tool) to sites which have problems when displayed on mobile devices, a lot of webmasters would have broken into a sweat and wondered what Google was really getting at. Read more…

Quad’s digital strategy for 2015

Behind the scenes, Quad continually evolves its strategy-backed content solutions to ensure clients reap rewards. Ben Dickens, Quad’s Managing Director, outlines what we’ve been working on in preparation for the year ahead.


Don’t worry, this isn’t another 2015 marketing trend prediction post (we’ve already done one of those – see here). Instead, this is a look at what Quad will be up to in the coming months… with a little review of last year thrown in for good measure.

2014 was an interesting year for us. We grew a number of retained accounts for 2015 – a great vote of confidence in Quad and our methodologies – and we worked hard to ensure our output was integrated across various digital channels, which paid dividends in all our projects. Read more…

Why branded films are the next step for video content

Warning: Contains extremely engaging and very distracting video

Have you heard? Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Di Niro and Brad Pitt are to star in a new film. If that’s not impressive enough, Martin Scorsese is directing, and the whole thing was written by The Wolf of Wall Street’s Terrence Winter. But there is a catch. It’s not a feature length film, rather a short, branded picture – albeit costing $70 million. And the brand behind it? Studio City, a new casino in Macau. Read more…

The social media storm that is Movember

moustache 2-001It’s November, and all around the world men are sporting facial hair. It’s the ultimate masculine accessory of the moment, but it’s also an image which men’s health charity Movember tapped into and promoted long ago for its annual fundraiser. This was before facial hair – moustaches to be precise – were considered cool.

Every year, in November, Movember turns moustaches into a symbol of support for its cause. But given their widespread popularity, this year they’ve adopted a different tack – convincing men to clean shave their bushy faces and start from scratch for November.

Do you think they’ve succeeded? Read more…

Why SEO and PR are a killer combination

Four reasons why SEO and PR strategies should be united.

Google, our indispensable search engine (which recently celebrated its 16th birthday), has given rise to a whole new industry – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What has become unequivocally clear is that successful PR and SEO need to work in tandem. But why exactly? Read more…

Three trends for digital in 2015

It’s that time of year again when us agency folk are speculating about what brands will be looking at next year. So, (not breaking with tradition) I thought I’d follow the trend and write my latest post on this subject. I also thought I’d demystify why we do this every year.

Firstly, we want to tell you what we’ve got in mind for the next 12 months. Although, as Quad’s clients will know, forward thinking in digital should be a central part of any strategic digital agency proposition. In fact it’s crucial to be evaluating new developments, technology and platforms as they arise, and making smart decisions about how or even if they have relevance to the brand’s goals and customers. There is also a bit of shameful steering going on. These are uncertain times, and if I tell you that the three things you should be focusing on are X, Y and Z, then you may well believe me.

With that in mind, here are my top three things to concentrate on in 2015: Read more…

A winning formula for company blogs

They have the potential to be powerful marketing weapons – retaining customers, acquiring new ones, increasing brand recognition and providing strong material for PR campaigns. So why do so many company blogs struggle to deliver?

While there’s no definitive answer, we at Quad have a pretty good idea of what’s going wrong. At the heart of the problem is a fundamental misconception of what a blog is for. As a journalist, I know the importance of writing for an audience. If you don’t produce stories they want to read, they’ll go elsewhere. And if their interest and tastes change, you have to adapt to cater for them. Read more…

Using our skill-set to help the National Literacy Trust

This is a bit of a departure from my usual blogs, which focus solely on the industry and Quad’s perception of the challenges that brands face. But, this time around I wanted to take a look at a piece of work we were involved in through 2014 with The National Literacy Trust (NLT), an amazing charity which works tirelessly helping to raise literacy standards in the UK.

As an agency that values content so highly, including the editorial variety, it seemed like an obvious fit to offer our services for the Books about Town campaign. It involved digital, installations, and a good deal of participation from famous authors and artists to create book benches, which you may well have seen dotted around London as part of four trails. On Tuesday, with summer and prime outdoor reading weather having drawn to a close, the benches were auctioned off. In total, over £250,000 was raised for the charity, funds that are vital for the NLT to be able to continue its good work in the UK. Read more…

Staying ahead of disruptive technology

The Quad team and I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this topic and how we can grow our proposition of creating unified campaigns and experiences for our clients.

It’s increasingly apparent that brands are recognising the need for change. However, their internal organisations are so tightly linked to the marketing landscape that has grown up in the last 60 years, since TV came along, that the way forward has become blurred. This can be seen in the many tools and tactics that focus on a particular silo, while the root problem remains the same; brands need a strategy that will adapt to the disruption new technologies bring. Read more…

Aims, objectives, strategies and tactics of content marketing

Content marketing seems to be an endless source of confusion, but I think we’ve finally cracked it! Our intern, Emilia, did a great training session recently about developing aims, objectives, strategies and tactics – and it struck me that this is where most of the confusion lies. So for the record, this is what we think, and this is what most trained marketers would recognise – and the hierarchy is really important Read more…

Learning how to pull with Quad Digital

My first blog post for Quad! I’m Emilia and I’m working as PR intern here.

I’m a recent graduate in PR from the London College of Fashion and have a passion for strategy and communication.

I first got into PR when I was 16 and have worked with many clients since, from start-up designers to high end fashion brands. Read more…

Audience building for Books About Town

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you may have heard we’re working with Books About Town, a collaboration between the National Literacy Trust and Wild In Art to encourage reading for enjoyment. Based in London, the Books About Town plans include a series of sponsored BookBenches, designed by top artists and celebrating stories linked to the capital. The benches, shaped to resemble open books, will start popping up around London this July. Read more…

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Our mission to remove confusion from content marketing (or how to sober up an astronaut)

Recently we’ve discussed at some length the confusion that exists around content marketing and what exactly it means. We certainly know what it means to us. I’ve blogged about this before, just as I’ve also blogged about the many companies…

Quad Digital expertise supports literacy campaign

book benches 4

With the National Literacy Trust’s Books about Town campaign about to begin, we at Quad are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. From next week, you’ll be able to follow a trail of open book-shaped benches across London, each featuring the…

The importance of building content infrastructure

Much of content marketing focuses on brand and audience building. But when you’re building an audience you need an infrastructure around which it can gather. Here at Quad, we have an in-house development team who work with our clients to…

Why artificially building links is a tired and risky strategy

I’ve written a number of posts hoping to demystify content marketing and hopefully highlight what brands should look for in a content marketing agency, writes Ben Dickens, Quad’s managing director. But I thought it would be valuable to take a…

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Why branded films are the next step for video content

Warning: Contains extremely engaging and very distracting video Have you heard? Hollywood heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Di Niro and Brad Pitt are to star in a new film. If that’s not impressive enough, Martin Scorsese is directing, and the whole…

Between a rock and hard place: What to look for in a content marketing agency

There’s a huge amount of confusion at the moment. Why? Because content marketing agencies are suddenly everywhere – and they often offer widely differing services. Broadly, however, these offerings fall into three distinct camps. What follows will help you better…

Three steps toward a better content marketing strategy

You know you ought to be doing more marketing but you’re not really sure where to begin. Viewed from afar, there’s a lot to get on with. A blog, social media updates, an advertising campaign; it can really stack up….

Promotion and using influencers to build your audience; the ASA speaks

A key aspect of the work we do at Quad is driving awareness of our clients’ content and brands. After all, we can publish the best content in the world on their websites and promote it on their social but…


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